My name is John Dalton. I'm the creator of the digital art program Studio Artist. This blog is a daily art blog of my personal art. All of the imagery is generated using Studio Artist.

I think the concept of keeping a daily art post blog is an important one. It's a way to help motivate you creatively, keeps you working on a daily basis, and provides a record of how your work evolves and changes over time.

I spend a lot of my time developing new features for Studio Artist. So sometimes my posts are as much focused on exploring or developing some new Studio Artist feature as they are about creating something aesthetically interesting.

Because i'm the creator and developer of Studio Artist, this blog may highlight new Studio Artist features. I also have a number of different personal artistic interests, which often show up within my daily art posts here.

Procedural Art
I'm a big lover of procedural art. So some of my posts explore procedural abstraction, oftentimes using directed evolution of MSG presets within Studio Artist to derive the procedural art imagery.

MSG stands for modular synthesized graphics, and is a modular image processing architecture available within Studio Artist. You can use MSG to build an unlimited number of different procedural abstract image generation effects, as well as image and video processing effects.

Procedural art means it is generated by some kind of underlying mathematical or generative process. As opposed to being something hand drawn or painted, or derived by hand manipulation. Directed evolution is a way to interactively control generative processes, by evolving sets of new procedural imagery, choosing the ones you like the best, and then evolving mutated variations of the selected imagery.

You can check out some procedural art tagged images here.

Digital Painting
Studio artist also has the most powerful and user configurable digital paint engine on the planet. So many of my posts explore various aspects of Studio Artist's paint synthesizer. The paint synthesizer is capable of fully automatic painting, intelligent-assisted painting (user and computer working together), or fully manual painting. I tend to focus on automatic or assisted painting much more than manual painting. It's just the nature of the way i like to work, and my lack of the years of manual drawing practice required to be really proficient at manual drawing.

The great thing about the history of music software development is that it gave someone with a musical idea the ability to create a fully finished piece of music. Without needing a team of people who spent years developing muscle memory so that they could play musical instruments proficiently enough to play something technically interesting. Or a million dollar recording studio and a team of engineers to run it.

Studio Artist tries to do the same thing in the realm of artistic visual graphics. So that someone can create a realized finished piece of visual art without having to spend years of their life developing the muscle movements required to do traditional painting or drawing.

If you have spent the years of your life required to develop the muscle movements and associated neural connections required to be fully proficient at manual drawing, then you are free to use the program that way (like a conventional digital paint program). But if you don't have those skills, Studio Artist can work as an intelligent assistant to help you create art, doing the low level manual drawing and painting, leaving you free to direct the high level artistic design of a piece of visual art.

It's a chore to generate art in other paint programs. You have to do all of the work. Studio Artist is a creative, intelligent assistant. It makes the creative process fun, and fast. I can create hundreds of interesting visual images in Studio Artist in the time it would take me to generate one art image in other paint programs.

You can check out some paint synthesizer tagged images here.

Paint Animation
A big feature of Studio Artist is the ability to auto-rotoscope source video into an infinite variety of different paint animation styles. You can also generate procedural animation within Studio Artist. So some of the visual imagery posted here are still frame captures of paint animations of processed video.

You can check out some paint animation tagged images here and here.
For some examples of finished paint animations and processed videos, you can check out my video posts here and here.

I'm a big lover of the visual textures and grit found in street graffiti. When i lived in San Francisco in south of market, i spent a lot of time photographing street graffiti, since it's such an over-bearing component of living in that part of the city. At least it used to be when i lived there.

I have a large database of digital graffiti imagery collected over the years that i use in my personal artwork. I like to focus on the micro-textural aspects of street graffiti, as opposed to views of completed graffiti renditions. So i typically use the camera to focus on the kinetic energy of sub-elements of the paint strokes and textural elements that are used within a piece of graffiti.

San Francisco was also filled with all kinds of weird subtle street imagery pasted and plastered all over the place. As well as amazing grime and industrial textures. Rust, urban decay, fading ad posters on construction walls, stickers on street signs, etc. I have a ton of that kind of textural imagery as well that i use in my work.

You can check out some graffiti tagged imagery here.

Photo Mosaics
I have a big interest in extended forms of photo mosaic imagery. Building an image out of a collection of smaller images. Before i developed Studio Artist i had a personal art program i wrote called the Art Mapper, that was able to create quite unique photo mosaic imagery that broke from the conventions of regular grid layout of sub images. Many of those ideas were built into Studio Artist and the MSG Evolver application.

Studio Artist is capable of an infinite variety of different photo mosaic layout styles. In addition to the capabilities built into the paint synthesizer, you can also use other features of Studio Artist like the vectorizer to build adaptive dynamic irregularly shaped photo mosaic layout.

You can check out some photo mosaic tagged imagery here.

I like to generate panorama images from video pans. I typically use a Studio Artist feature called the temporal scan tracker to generate the panorama imagery from a video sequence. I talk about that a little bit more in the section below on slit scan temporal processing effects.

You can check out some panorama tagged imager here.

Slit Scan Effects
Studio Artist is capable of some amazing slit scan and temporal image processing effects. Some of them are quite unique. All of these effects are generated by processing multiple video frames to build a static image based on temporal variations in the video sequence.

Studio Artist includes a feature called the temporal scan tracker, which is capable of slit scan on steroids temporal effects. It extends the whole notion of what you can do with slit scan processing to another level.

You can checkout some slit scan and scan tracker imagery here and here.

Island Tour
I live and work on a small rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The longer you spend here, the weirder you realize the place really is. So some of my personal art explores this place called Hawaii. Typically not from the 'island paradise' viewpoint promoted by tourist brochures. Hawaii is way more complex and nuanced then that. It can be stunningly beautiful, or brutally ugly, or both at the same time. It often times seems like living in some alternate universe third world Asian country as much as it does living in one of the 50 states in America. My island tour tagged imagery explores some of the complexity of living here.

You can check out some island tour tagged imagery here.

I'm a big lover of abstraction in my approach to personal art. And in my appreciation of art in general.
Studio Artist in some sense is an amazing tool you can use to creatively explore the far reaches of image abstraction, especially if you are zen enough in your approach to let it take you where it wants to go at any given moment (since it does have a mind of it's own).

You can check out some abstraction tagged imagery .

For More Information About Studio Artist
You can lean more about Studio Artist here and here.

I also post Studio Artist generated artwork to the Studio Artist User Forum. You can check it out here.

I'm also a musician. You can check out some of my music recorded with the band WMF here if you are interested.

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