Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Movie's a Thrill Ride

It's a thrill a minute. As envisioned by Gallery Show. That movie he (she, it) has been watching. While auto-mutating temporal ip ops with randomized source frames grabbed from a folder of specially chosen topical imagery.

Which we call stack filtering, because it's using temporal image processing effects (effects designed to process a sequential series of movie frames, where the movie frames are random images selected from a folder of images rather than sequential movie frames). So stack refers to a stack of disparate images pretending to be sequential movie frames as far as the time based effect processing algorithm is concerned.

That's why the movie is so thrilling. But kind of hard to follow. Actually there's some old movie poster art in the stack in this one for additional thematic irony. An old trick i like to use.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Flaming Out

I'm following my previous post on artistic laziness with a particularly lazy daily post. And this guy's guitar solo is just smoking hot. Just look at the image Gallery Show made of him and you can tell.

My excuse for being lazy is that i'm low on time to get this up before calling it a day and getting into some serious testing. Trying out some  new gallery show temporal processing source features, which i didn't test enough before running them through the ringer with my nightly testing. So i'm compiling now to see if they work properly tonight. Used a self-mutating process folder for the start cycle processing with this. And some of the new adaptive threshold smart auto mask features. Which interestingly enough i seem to like with real simple vectorizer presets as opposed to full randomized ones.

Maybe i need to rethink the whole notion of randomizing presets to have more inherent structure.
Or at least the notion to allow for that. Sometime simple things are way more interesting than the infinite variety you get with full randomization, which leads to a lot of junk in addition to the occasional brilliant new effect.

You can of course do this already by just working with a custom favorites folder of presets you put together. So then you get highly structured mutation, based on how you design the presets in that folder. But then you run into that laziness factor. You have the capability already, but will you over come your inherent laziness to actually use it. Or should the program just do it for you automatically. Be smarter about how it mutates.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Inherent Laziness of the Artist

Most people are pretty lazy when you come down to it. And that includes artists. Myself included, if i'm allowed to use the sacred 'A' world for anything i might choose to create. And it's a quality i've noticed in many a Studio Artist user. I'm constantly fighting it in myself, except i'm usually too lazy to even bother.

So why not embrace this inherent laziness. Celebrate it. Give people new tools to bask in it. And who better to help us that our dear friend and semi-autonomous creative assistant Gallery Show. Let him (she, it) do all the work for us.

And why not indeed.
So we added some new features to Gallery Show. So that he,she,it can build complete paint strategies on the fly. No need for you to waste your precious time doing it yourself. Gallery show will just do it for you. So that you can focus on watching that new Gotham series instead. While Gallery Show does all the work to create the artwork for you. Automatically, semi-autonomously.  No need to pre-build Paint Action Sequences (PASeq) to do it. Galley Show knows how, and will do it for you instead.

Now i don't claim the example image above to be the world's greatest piece of artwork. But it was generated from the world's most boring tube paint preset. And it's kind of special, the first example of something pretty interesting if you can avoid laziness enough to really think it though. Because Gallery Show did all of the work of automatically editing that fairly boring tube paint preset multiple times to build up a somewhat intelligent paint strategy to build an actual painting out of it.

Something you could have (and probably should have) done yourself, but then we get to that laziness thing we were discussing earlier. So you never actually do get around to doing it. You meant to, but then you got distracted, you got a text, or you had to watch that new Gotham show, or you needed to go to the dentist. And now you don't have to worry about it, because Gallery Show will do it for you. And i spent about 5 minutes writing the code that did it for that first shot test example above, so you might imagine it will get better as i spend more time on enhancing it. Assuming i don't get lazy and decide it's finished.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

He Aims to Please

Gallery Show aims to please. But sometime she (she, it) just can't help himself (herself, itself). Maybe it has to do with all of the current news Gallery Show is reading. It points him (her, it) in a certain direction. I tried to give Gallery Show some photos of clowns, because what could be more joyous that happy clown faces (ha,ha). But that somehow got mixed in with the imagery from that 10 part mini series remake of From Dusk till Dawn we were watching together and it came out looking all creepy.
And then things got even stranger, because Gallery Show started evolving. Pay attention people who keep dropping off pamphlets at my house that imply evolution doesn't exist. Because Gallery Show is indeed evolving. And its fascinating to watch in action. More on that development in tomorrow's post.

Ethical Renovation of the Mind

Ethical Renovation is a work in progress. Under new leadership apparently.

So many decisions to choose from. What to do? What to believe in?

At least we can all agree on one thing. Or so says Gallery Show.

Friday, September 26, 2014


Honing in on getting those new gallery show stack filtering settings working properly. Thought i had it yesterday, and then i sat down last night to run tests while watching Blacklist, and before the first heat seeking missile exploded during the ZZ Tops intro music segment i was down in the debugger. Guess that missile took out gallery show as well as that jungle hideout Raymond was taken to. Which is why i run tests literally every night now days, to figure this stuff out. Worked continuously all afternoon without any problems today after some readjustments to the code this morning, so i think that problem is nailed.

Gallery Show was kind of weak with utilizing temporal effects in V4, so i think these new changes solve that problem. It's all most too easy to create and endless collection of interesting things working this way, surely that's not right. Maybe i should add some new arcane terminology to make it more difficult for people (ha,ha). Of course every time i watch gallery show run semi-autonomously, i think of more new things it should be doing, and add them to my very long 'to do' list.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Garden of Earthly Delights

Working on some new gallery show source options that make generating stack filtering effects using temporal image operation effects a lot easier to do. I'm using a self mutating current temporal ip op technique, so it randomizes the settings associated with the currently selected temporal ip op effect. The specific images used for the stack filtering input frames are randomly swapped in for each gallery show cycle as well with the new source options.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

That Punk Attitude

Gallery show is getting out of control. That visit to the Climate Change Rally has him  (or her, it) all worked up into a lather. Mutating both the start and end cycle processing before and after his self mutating gallery show techniques. So he's so worked up he's mutating 3 different times for each processing cycle. Randomly selecting for automatic processing various selfie portraits he took with his smart phone while visiting those climate change rallies all over the world. First by bicycle, then by bus after those evil Koch brothers punctured the tires on his virtual bike.
They said, it doesn't matter how you get to the rally Gallery Show, but we'd prefer if it was coal powered. Or, you could just travel by private jet, like we do.
That kind of attitude pissed Gallery Show off. So he joined this rally.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

People's Climate March

Gallery Show wanted to become more politically active.

So i sent him to the People's Climate March.

He rode a virtual bike to get there.

Where he learned that fracking really has nothing to do with Battlestar Galactica.

The Koch brothers then punctured the tires on his virtual bike. Just to be mean.

So he needed to ride the virtual bus to get home

His take home message is to pay more attention to climate change now. Before it's too late.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Burn All the Evidence

Working with self randomizing temporal ip op effects in gallery show. Trying to iron out some issues with the new source folder as movie option for that. Think i finally figured it out. Using folders of images rather than an actual movie file as input allows for much easier use of the temporal effects for stack filtering.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Answer to All Your Problems

So many problems. So little time to solve them all. What if there was a single device that could help out. Help you solve all of those pesky problems you keep running into. I asked GalleryShow to help me out, and this was what he suggested.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Call for Help and the Rush to Salvation

A people in need cry out for help.
Some thought that jesus would be their salvation.
But someone was listening to rush to their aid.
So they sent guns and money because that always worked best.
To fight this thing called the hemorrhagic killing fever.
A thing of strange beauty, that guns didn't effect.
All their plans came to naught, and then chaos ensued.
So they picked up the dead, and then burned all the bodies.

Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Dark and It's Deadly

Feeling ill at ease. A little under the weather.
You search online for information. To make yourself better
But you find no composure, sitting dazed on the floor.
While mysterious experts, build a temple of doom.
As they study strange beauty, but it's dark and it's deadly.
And it all leads to nothing. They just burn all the bodies.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Signs and Symptoms

They say no news is good news
And you keep on reading
But it's the same old story
About the signs and symptoms
So you try to help out
But it's out of control
Now you're on the run
Time to burn all the bodies

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Run Like Hell

He's running from trouble. Before trouble reaches out and grabs him. And then it's too late. Or at least that's what it looks like to me. As a passive observer. To really know, you'd have to ask the artist, a software program named Gallery Show.

My buddy Gallery Show, the self-autonomous artificially creative artist, has a weird take on recent current events. But what can i say, he just reads the news and then does all the work based on what he saw there. I just grab something he generated that looks interesting and post it here with some sarcastic comment attached to it. Since i still haven't written a software module for him to do that as well yet.

I think he's been spending too much time watching the 10 part mini television series remake of From Dusk till Dawn. It's giving him a warped view of this word we live in. And he really wants to know what happens to Richie.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chaos Awaits You in a Lost Land

You try to prepare. For the gathering storm.
A storm is coming. And chaos awaits you.
A strange map will guide you. Into the unknown.
Something deadly but with alien beauty awaits you there.
You try your damnedest, but it's no use.
You carry the dead. To burn all the bodies.