Friday, September 5, 2014

Hanapepe Taro Factory

No trip to Hanapepe is complete without some taro chips. And they make them right here at the Hanapepe Taro Chip factory. The rift that bends time and space, apparently located near that swinging bridge they kept telling us about, adds a delightful ruffle to each hand made taro chip. The Taro Chip Factory is actually around the corner from the main drag that has all the cool art galleries on it. But you will probably drive right past the famous chip factory if you are headed into Hanapepe from north Kauai. And the odds are 10,000 to 1 that you will be staying somewhere on Kauai north of Hanapepe.

The Taro Chip Factory will be on the left side of the road just past Bert's Auto Repair as you head into Hanapepe town from the main road. Do not be afraid and turn around as you drive towards it, continue onwards, and you will be glad you kept on going. Because the different art galleries on the main drag are well worth the visit. Now we just need to find that swinging bridge. And the rift in time and space. That keeps bending the light entering my camera. Bending those taro chips with a delightful ruffle.

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