Friday, September 26, 2014


Honing in on getting those new gallery show stack filtering settings working properly. Thought i had it yesterday, and then i sat down last night to run tests while watching Blacklist, and before the first heat seeking missile exploded during the ZZ Tops intro music segment i was down in the debugger. Guess that missile took out gallery show as well as that jungle hideout Raymond was taken to. Which is why i run tests literally every night now days, to figure this stuff out. Worked continuously all afternoon without any problems today after some readjustments to the code this morning, so i think that problem is nailed.

Gallery Show was kind of weak with utilizing temporal effects in V4, so i think these new changes solve that problem. It's all most too easy to create and endless collection of interesting things working this way, surely that's not right. Maybe i should add some new arcane terminology to make it more difficult for people (ha,ha). Of course every time i watch gallery show run semi-autonomously, i think of more new things it should be doing, and add them to my very long 'to do' list.

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