Saturday, September 27, 2014

He Aims to Please

Gallery Show aims to please. But sometime she (she, it) just can't help himself (herself, itself). Maybe it has to do with all of the current news Gallery Show is reading. It points him (her, it) in a certain direction. I tried to give Gallery Show some photos of clowns, because what could be more joyous that happy clown faces (ha,ha). But that somehow got mixed in with the imagery from that 10 part mini series remake of From Dusk till Dawn we were watching together and it came out looking all creepy.
And then things got even stranger, because Gallery Show started evolving. Pay attention people who keep dropping off pamphlets at my house that imply evolution doesn't exist. Because Gallery Show is indeed evolving. And its fascinating to watch in action. More on that development in tomorrow's post.

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