Tuesday, September 9, 2014

That Spouting Horn

The first time we went to Kauai, we said, we have to go see that spouting horn. That sounds pretty slick. So we followed the signs, and then we got there. The whole time, we kept saying to ourselves, where are the beaches? Surely there must be some beaches in Poipu. And then the road dead ends, and there is the spouting horn. As shown above. In all it's glory. But no beaches. Head to the north shore if you want real beaches.

Now you have seen it too, no need to drive down that dusty dead end road. You have seen it all. And trust me, there are no beaches in Poipu. Maybe a long time ago there were, but they've long since vanished. Take the other road instead that takes you to Hanapepe. Because a magical world of really cool art and a crazy old school dusty Hawaiian town awaits you there. And it's way more interesting than that spouting horn place. Which to be honest is just a dusty tourist trap at the end of a dead end road.

Every island has one, it's very own spouting horn. Oahu has one as well. Don't lie down over the blow hole like some crazy tourist did on Oahu. Because the end results aren't pretty. And never, ever turn your back to the ocean. Never. Especially when you are near a spouting horn.

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