Saturday, September 6, 2014

Giorgio's Gallery in Hanapepe

Once you drive past the world famous Taro Chip factory chip factory we explored in yesterday's post, you'll turn left and hit Hanapepe's main street. And right in the center of it is Giorgio's Gallery. This was how it looked there at dusk as we kept searching for that famous swinging bridge.

Earlier in the day we toured the place. And met the man himself. And it's got quite a nice selection of awesome artwork for you to check out. I was really jazzed by one artist in particular, the industrial cityscapes of an artist named Dusit. Not something i would have expected to find hiding in a small gallery in Hanapepe on the island of Kauai. But then Hanapepe was full of surprises.

This photo above shows how the gallery looked earlier in the day when we went for our tour. It's really amazing, because the main street through town is really a straight line, but the rift in space and time apparently located somewhere near that famous swinging bridge apparently bends the fabric of time and space as you wander the streets of Hanapepe. So it bent the light coming into my camera. 

And there must be some kind of gravitational lens effects going on as well, because i swear i could see 2 different liquor stores that had the same artwork on the front of them, as seen in the photo above. Which looks exactly like the street scene that awaited me when i hoped out of our Alamo rental car and walked across the street to enter Giorgio's gallery.

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