Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Inherent Laziness of the Artist

Most people are pretty lazy when you come down to it. And that includes artists. Myself included, if i'm allowed to use the sacred 'A' world for anything i might choose to create. And it's a quality i've noticed in many a Studio Artist user. I'm constantly fighting it in myself, except i'm usually too lazy to even bother.

So why not embrace this inherent laziness. Celebrate it. Give people new tools to bask in it. And who better to help us that our dear friend and semi-autonomous creative assistant Gallery Show. Let him (she, it) do all the work for us.

And why not indeed.
So we added some new features to Gallery Show. So that he,she,it can build complete paint strategies on the fly. No need for you to waste your precious time doing it yourself. Gallery show will just do it for you. So that you can focus on watching that new Gotham series instead. While Gallery Show does all the work to create the artwork for you. Automatically, semi-autonomously.  No need to pre-build Paint Action Sequences (PASeq) to do it. Galley Show knows how, and will do it for you instead.

Now i don't claim the example image above to be the world's greatest piece of artwork. But it was generated from the world's most boring tube paint preset. And it's kind of special, the first example of something pretty interesting if you can avoid laziness enough to really think it though. Because Gallery Show did all of the work of automatically editing that fairly boring tube paint preset multiple times to build up a somewhat intelligent paint strategy to build an actual painting out of it.

Something you could have (and probably should have) done yourself, but then we get to that laziness thing we were discussing earlier. So you never actually do get around to doing it. You meant to, but then you got distracted, you got a text, or you had to watch that new Gotham show, or you needed to go to the dentist. And now you don't have to worry about it, because Gallery Show will do it for you. And i spent about 5 minutes writing the code that did it for that first shot test example above, so you might imagine it will get better as i spend more time on enhancing it. Assuming i don't get lazy and decide it's finished.

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