Monday, September 29, 2014

Flaming Out

I'm following my previous post on artistic laziness with a particularly lazy daily post. And this guy's guitar solo is just smoking hot. Just look at the image Gallery Show made of him and you can tell.

My excuse for being lazy is that i'm low on time to get this up before calling it a day and getting into some serious testing. Trying out some  new gallery show temporal processing source features, which i didn't test enough before running them through the ringer with my nightly testing. So i'm compiling now to see if they work properly tonight. Used a self-mutating process folder for the start cycle processing with this. And some of the new adaptive threshold smart auto mask features. Which interestingly enough i seem to like with real simple vectorizer presets as opposed to full randomized ones.

Maybe i need to rethink the whole notion of randomizing presets to have more inherent structure.
Or at least the notion to allow for that. Sometime simple things are way more interesting than the infinite variety you get with full randomization, which leads to a lot of junk in addition to the occasional brilliant new effect.

You can of course do this already by just working with a custom favorites folder of presets you put together. So then you get highly structured mutation, based on how you design the presets in that folder. But then you run into that laziness factor. You have the capability already, but will you over come your inherent laziness to actually use it. Or should the program just do it for you automatically. Be smarter about how it mutates.

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