Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to Paradise

And paradise does have everything in it. Green tropical plants. A beautiful hula girl in a grass skirt. Wondrous gifts await you there. A tropical mountain can be seen in the distance on the right side. There are even some informative magazines stored in their own metal boxes which keep them dry from gentle tropical rain storms for you to read at your leisure. Telling you all about the local hot spots, the awesome vacation properties available for sale, various way to spend your hard earned money on dubious adventure experiences like zip lining, and more. My wife and i joked that they should instal a zip line from the vacation condo we were staying in right down the sheer cliff face it was hanging off of directly into the ocean, where a big shark would open it's mouth and eat you as you flew off the end of the zip line into the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This second slit scan gives you a little more perspective on the particular slice of paradise we are featuring in today's post. Lucky for us this isn't New Jersey, or Waikiki or Lahania for that matter, because then they would have put this little slice of paradise right smack in the middle of the stunningly beautiful beach scene i posted here yesterday. But for some strange reason the good citizens of Hanalei actually had some brains in their heads, and kept this tourist mall back on the main road, which is so unusual for Hawaii since isn't hanging literally 3 feet off of the main beach like it usually is everywhere else in the state.

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