Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do Not Cross That Line

Do not cross that line. Unless you want the crap beaten out of you. Or even worse.
Or so says the fully automated gallery show process, which is analyzing national news articles. Using a generative self mutating vectorization process to create a stream of artistic imagery. Sometimes it tries to make things look nice. But sometimes something like this pops out. And then you start to get nightmares.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Murdered By Inc

More gallery show exploration using a new folder of somewhat topical and horrendous source imagery taken from recent national news stories. I've got self-randomizing auto masking turned on, as well as coin flip pass the previous gallery show output back to the source (as opposed to grabbing a new horrific source image). Self randomizing vectorizer technique. And a start cycle filled with custom water wash paint presets, because you want to wash yourself clean after reading these news articles.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fight for Your Right to Get Shot in the Head

Because we all deserve our right to get shot in the head. Obviously i switched my gallery show source folder to a set of more topical imagery. It was time to stop being lazy. And jazz dancing just wasn't in vogue anymore. Self randomizing vectorizer gallery show technique. With auto-masking based on a randomly generated source modulated mask.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bird Attack

Was it global warming. Or a reversal of the polar magnetic field polarity. Why did those birds go crazy.
Generative gallery show process captured mid-stream using a self randomizing technique.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Quickstep

Is it a new dance. Or an old one. And how fast is that step anyway. Created using a generative gallery show technique. Not using self adaptive source masking. But we are using self randomizing image operation effects with randomized compositing. And possibly source feedback from the previous output image, based on a coin flip. And i just can't seem to get enough of those jazz poster images when we aren't feeding back the previous output into the source area. Or is it just laziness. Those jazz posters? Moving to a new set of imagery for tonights experiments. Kind of topical, so watch out. What surprises await us?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jazz Rocker

He's rocking out. To a generative fully automated image synthesis process. Using a self randomizing image operation gallery show technique that only generates vector output. With a randomized gallery show source option. So it might be a randomly chosen image from that jazz poster image folder i've been over mining recently, or the previous gallery show output cycle. And a random wet wash paint preset for the start cycle processing, because it's raining here, so it only seemed appropriate.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The MD

Is he a good doctor? Or a bad doctor? No one knows. He seems to be playing around with symmetry. Perhaps using it like a crutch for some strange art related disease. Is he a DJ? Working the turntables. Or is he using automated gallery show processing. Perhaps using that self randomizing image operation technique, the one that forces vector output only.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Sunday

Some days you just feel like dancing. Went for a sunday drive, had brunch, saw some cool local art.

Yet another generative processing gallery show mid stream grab. Random recycling of the previous gallery show cycle output back into the source image. Back to using auto-masking generated off of the source image. Working with the jazz poster art folder i've been playing around with lately. Using the randomized image operation vector output only gallery show technique.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Old Paint

Old paint on an old wall. Created via recursive feedback of gallery show output recycled as new source imagery in a generative synthesis process. Another mid stream grab from the nightly gallery show experiments.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Lazy Rock Formation

Lazy, so lazy. Must put together new source images for these nightly gallery show runs. This is from the random jazz poster set of source images i've been using a lot recently. Not that you would ever have a clue if i didn't tell you. Because i'm feeding the output of each gallery show cycle back into the source area. So things get very abstract really quickly. When you setup this kind of automatic self-feedback loop generative image creation process.

Running a randomizing vectorizer gallery show technique. With no auto-masking going on. Just overlay on a favorites folder filled with wet wash paint presets that process the previous gallery show output canvas. So i guess it's a generative image formation process. Totally automatic once it's setup to run. And this is a screen grab taken from the middle of the overall fully automatic self-randomizing gallery show.

And it looks like a rock formation to me. But i'm getting really lazy here to be honest. Time to spice things up. So if i say it to myself enough, i might actually do something about it. Although i learn something every night as i watch gallery show spin away, running fully automatically after i wind it up and then let it go. Even when i'm being lazy about how i set it up. So i guess that means my laziness has a purpose to it after all.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Playing a Sad Song

This guy has obviously been reading the news too much these days. Because he's playing a real sad song.

Gallery show stream grab. Back to my jazz poster imagery (lazy), and surprise me auto masking (even more lazy). Random vectorizer technique. It also randomly feeds the gallery show output back into the source area. Which is great for those of you into severe abstraction. Because a world of severe abstraction awaits you there if you dare to enter it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thai Boxer

He's fighting it out in the Matrix. Or maybe that Thai boxing gym in the alley off of Folsom street in San Francisco, where i used to hunt down a parking spot to get to our old Synthetik Office. Because hunting parking spots in Soma in San Francisco back then was like being in Africa hunting down an exotic game animal. You had to keep your eyes open, be constantly on the move, and grab the first one you saw quickly, before someone else took it.

Another image stream grab from my nightly gallery show experiments. I've stopped using the auto-masking features until i beef them up. Reminder to self, please do that soon. They are super cool, but i was wearing the existing ones out. Time for some new ones to play with. So get to it self, get those new features in there to play with. Using a randomizing vectorizer technique with this particular gallery show run.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cool Dude

Another gallery show stream grab during my nightly generative experiments.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spray Paint on a Wall

Automatic graffiti painting. Grabbed mid stream during a gallery show run. From my usual nightly experiments watching it work. Again, using dynamic auto-regionization, but i wonder if the macro edit it's using to force that auto-paint property for the factory preset technique is really doing what it's supposed to? Also feeding back the processed canvas into the source area. So a lot of recursive generative stuff going on in how the image gets built up over time.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dust Storm

Cloud of chaos. Automatically created via gallery show. Running factory paint presets that are randomly edited to force dynamic regionization. I'm kind of wondering about the macro-edit gallery show automatically uses to do this. Need to run some tests.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Be Free

A song for Ferguson. A song about injustice. A song about America.

Working the Bass Line

Gallery show mid stream image grab taken while processing some old jazz poster art images using randomized dynamic regionize paint synthesizer presets.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Jazz Singer

Literally Al Jolson was the source image.  Although it may not be apparent at first. The magic of Studio Artist abstraction in action. Chosen at random by gallery show as it was working automatically to create a stream of effected imagery. Based on my particular gallery show preference settings.

Working with a random factory paint preset technique that forces a randomized dynamic regionization edit onto the randomly chosen factory paint preset. Not using any auto masking in this particular recent set of gallery show experiments. It seemed like it was becoming too much of a crutch. I need to really expand the range of potential masking effects available in that gallery show feature. As usual, there is so much more one could do as you start to pay attention to the range of possibilities. So many ideas, so little time.

Speedo Guy on Beach

Watching the tide come in. Looking for sharks. Waiting for the next hurricane. He's on vacation.

More gallery show fun using self mutating generative automatic processes. Working with mingle randomizing paint presets.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Watchers

The watchers are watching you. And not those guys from the parallel dimension on Fringe. At least we hope they aren't from there. But i think they just live in Alexandria Virginia and Utah. And apparently Wahiawa on Oahu. Of all the places in the universe, who would have thought the NSA would build an office there. Perhaps because of it's charming ambience?

More gallery show experiments. From my nightly gallery show runs. As i continue to watch it automatically work, and hopefully learn something abut how to make to work better. faster. stronger.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Sisters

Again, i'm not quite sure if this works or not, but it was grabbed from the middle of a recent gallery show stream. Sometimes we need to study the failures to figure out how to make the successes more frequent. Or sometimes one day's failure is another day's success. Because it all probably depends on your mood when you view it to be honest. So i'm not in love with this one, but maybe someone out there is.

Working with a self mutating vectorizer gallery show technique. With source modulated auto-masking turned on. And i keep feeling i need to improve that part of the whole automatic self-running autonomous generative thing i've been exploring within gallery show. Making that self mutating masking part of this particular approach to working with gallery show smarter.

In silicon valley they make a big point out of being proud of your failures. Because they will lead you to success in the end. Learning from your failures. Probably just as true in art as in business.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Calling Sister Midnight

Calling Sister Midnight
You've got me reaching for the moon
Calling Sister Midnight
You've got me playing the fool

Listen to me Sister Midnight
You put a beggar in my heart

You know I had a dream last night
Father he gunned for me
Hunted me with his six gun
Calling Sister Midnight
What can I do about my dreams

A tribute to one of my favorite Iggy Pop songs.

Guilty Monkey

I can't decide if this works or not, but it's different, so i thought i'd post it. You kind of have to get in close to see what's going on, and i usually prefer images that work as small poster views as well as when you zoom in full size to observe the details.

Taken mid stream during a generative gallery show run. Using a self-mutating vectorizer technique.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Question Fate

Another generative gallery show stream grab. The more i watch it work automatically every evening while we watch tv, the more ideas i get for new things for it to do. Some really cool new ideas in the works. Again, the key factor to overcome is to figure out a way for it to automatically help you to avoid being lazy.

The Promise

Gallery show stream grab. Working with a randomly mutating vectorizer technique. Custom Geometric presets or the start cycle processing in the current favorites folder. And source modulated randomized masking. I'm starting to realize that i need to provide some much more sophisticated automatic masking options in gallery show. Allowing for a custom folder of presets would be one interesting approach.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bike Rider

I keep thinking of all those tourists they let ride down the mountain in the middle of the hurricane. As envisioned by an automatic gallery show run.

All Clear

All clear signal. Looking good so far, our tag team of twin hurricanes seem to have come and gone.
Baring an unforeseen turn about by Julio, which looks less likely every hour. So to celebrate, i posted this gallery show stream capture.

Using a random image operation gallery show technique that only generates vector effects.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Julio Missed the Place

Julio being our second tag team hurricane passing by this week. But he apparently got lost on the way here. So he's kind of hard to see in this gallery show image. Again, using custom water wash paint presets for the start and end cycle processing seemed very appropriate for our local weather situation this week.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Iselle gives a last good by kiss to her buddy Julio before heading west into the sunset. Julio being the second hurricane to pass through here this week who will hopefully sail by us to the north over the weekend. We should know for sure tomorrow what the deal is, but things look good so far.

Once again, using automatic gallery show generative image synthesis to visualize local weather events.

My Tropical Storm

As envisioned by gallery show. With a self mutating vectorizer overlay technique. And some water wash start and end cycle processing. Which seemed only appropriate given the circumstances.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Iselle is on Her Way

My depiction of the hurricane headed our way. Iselle should be visiting us tomorrow at some point. Hopefully she won't stay too long, and maybe she will lose here way before she arrives, which would be even better. Created via automatic gallery show processing.

If she does arrive, she might really look more like below. Which was a few cycles later in the gallery show output stream.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Storm Watch

Watching and waiting. Doing some gallery show automatic image generation while waiting. Mutating vectorizer overlays.

I See You

Another gallery show experiment stream grab. A lot of look of this particular image is do to the geometric processing being done by the End Cycle folder of custom presets. Using MSG to do the geometric transformations. And you can see the mutated MSG technique gallery show processing in the central section of the image. Stacked on top of the previous gallery show cycle output. Since this is all being done with a cumulative generative process.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Waiting for the Storm

Quite literally. We'll have a better idea what is in store for us tomorrow.

The image is from a recent nightly gallery show experimental run. Using self mutating Studio Artist effects. Working automatically off of a folder of random imagery.

Elephant Behind the Curtain

Another stream grab from the middle of a generative gallery show run. From my nightly experiments. Every time i watch it do it's magic, i think of some new things to add to it. I think the real trick is to figure out how to automatically make it keep itself busy. Because it's easy to be lazy now with how you configure it. Continuing to fall into the same patterns, because you are too lazy to setup new ones. So it should be able to help you do that as well. Another step in the evolution of artificial visual creativity.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Power Station

Some ideas that look like coming from a delirium in the dreaming room, sometimes trigger new possibilities. Thanks for that tip Alex. Words to live by.

Another gallery show automatic generative image creation process experiment. Working with a custom folder of new MSG presets based around the new quilt pattern generator processors. And there are quite a few of them to choose form now. I hand edited the factory MSG presets we put together so that this custom folder of modified ones doesn't set any fixed background,  but just overlays the generated geometric patterns on top of the existing canvas. Which is from the previous gallery show cycle. Also using the usual auto mask and custom start and end cycle processing i've been using in all of these recent experiments.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

FireDancer at Dusk

Trying to break out of my lazy patterns by using some new custom preset folders as a part of my nightly generative gallery show experiments. Lazyness being a problem for all of us i think in many ways. It's easy to stick with old patterns that work, rather than putting the effort into trying something new.

So this image was grabbed from the output stream of a mutate current factory preset folder. That factory preset category folder contained a set of new MSG presets i put together recently based on some of the different Quilt pattern generators processors we've been working to add to MSG. Those self-stacking auto-quilt geometric patterns were auto-masked based on mutating 'surprise me' mask effects based on the current source image.

The source imagery was randomly chosen from a folder of Shutterstock images we recently purchased. And i was flipping around different custom favorites folders for the start and end cycle processing. The end cycle was using a set of custom finishing presets. Things like contrast boost and auto-sharpening effects, usually multi-ocatve ones based on PASeqs. Not totally sure about the start cycle preset used for this specific image, but i think it was based on geometric transformations.

Like all of this recent post series of gallery show images, the actual image build up is a generative process that takes place over several different gallery show cycles. I really need to add auto mutation options to the start and end cycle processing. Although you can kind of get that now by using temporal generators if they are MSG presets. You choose uniform random as the TG for the parameters you want to self-mutate. So that's a cheater way to do it using existing features. Like so many things in Studio Artist, there is usually already a way to do if you  think about it a little bit, and are willing to put the time into make it happen. Put the time in means doing the TG modulation editing to the MSG processor parameters in this particular case.

Note to Self: Maybe we should have an automatic meta edit to do that kind of manual editing i described above as well (turn on TG modulation in all of the parameters in a MSG preset with a single command). Would have made setting this whole thing up way quicker.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

EBook Reader Before Bed

Not really, but it reminds me of someone reading using an iPad. Like i usually do before falling asleep every night. Automatically generated using gallery show.

Twin Engines

More tribute images to the memory of Stan Brakhage. Working with the oil rig pump imagery that so inspired me when he used it in some of his experimental films i first saw years ago. A lot of those films dealt with exploring symmetry in imagery in addition to repetition of motion.

The approach used to make this is the same sort of generative gallery show processing i've been focused on lately. So using a folder of random oil rig imagery. And self mutating gallery show techniques. In association with additional hand picked preset folders for start and end cycle processing. And self-adapting mutating masks for the gallery show technique effects derived off of the current randomly selected source image. So the effects buildup over time in the gallery show output stream, which records a generative image creation process that is essentially fully automatic and autonomous once it is defined and set into motion..

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dynamic Repetition

Another random oil rig imagery gallery show experiment. Using self-mutating paint presets along with gallery show cycle canvas feedback to the next gallery show source image as well. So the title could refer to the imagery i'm working with, or to the process used to create this particular image.