Friday, August 22, 2014

My Lazy Rock Formation

Lazy, so lazy. Must put together new source images for these nightly gallery show runs. This is from the random jazz poster set of source images i've been using a lot recently. Not that you would ever have a clue if i didn't tell you. Because i'm feeding the output of each gallery show cycle back into the source area. So things get very abstract really quickly. When you setup this kind of automatic self-feedback loop generative image creation process.

Running a randomizing vectorizer gallery show technique. With no auto-masking going on. Just overlay on a favorites folder filled with wet wash paint presets that process the previous gallery show output canvas. So i guess it's a generative image formation process. Totally automatic once it's setup to run. And this is a screen grab taken from the middle of the overall fully automatic self-randomizing gallery show.

And it looks like a rock formation to me. But i'm getting really lazy here to be honest. Time to spice things up. So if i say it to myself enough, i might actually do something about it. Although i learn something every night as i watch gallery show spin away, running fully automatically after i wind it up and then let it go. Even when i'm being lazy about how i set it up. So i guess that means my laziness has a purpose to it after all.

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