Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Sisters

Again, i'm not quite sure if this works or not, but it was grabbed from the middle of a recent gallery show stream. Sometimes we need to study the failures to figure out how to make the successes more frequent. Or sometimes one day's failure is another day's success. Because it all probably depends on your mood when you view it to be honest. So i'm not in love with this one, but maybe someone out there is.

Working with a self mutating vectorizer gallery show technique. With source modulated auto-masking turned on. And i keep feeling i need to improve that part of the whole automatic self-running autonomous generative thing i've been exploring within gallery show. Making that self mutating masking part of this particular approach to working with gallery show smarter.

In silicon valley they make a big point out of being proud of your failures. Because they will lead you to success in the end. Learning from your failures. Probably just as true in art as in business.

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