This art blog features daily digital art posts generated by John Dalton. All of the imagery is generated in Studio Artist, which is a digital art program i created. You can learn more about Studio Artist at

Here are some slideshows of previous daily art posts to this site.

I also post digital art to the Studio Artist User Forum.
Here's a slideshow of some of my art posts there.

If you are interested in how i create some of these artistic effects in Studio Artist, you can check out the old daily effect blog posts archived here. Each archived post details a specific Studio Artist artistic effect or technique. The old daily effects blog was originally hosted on Posterous, which was acquired by Twitter, who then shut down all of the existing Posterous blogs after the acquisition.

You can also post questions in the comments section of this blog, or in the comments section associated with my Studio Artist User Forum art posts, if you have questions about anything related to a specific image post. The Studio Artist User Forum is also a great place to ask any kind of Studio Artist related question.

Studio Artist is also able to create paint animation and video processing effects. The Studio Artist User Showcase on Vimeo has a number of different animations and processed videos generated in Studio Artist. My personal Studio Artist generated video posts can be see here and here.

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