Sunday, August 3, 2014

FireDancer at Dusk

Trying to break out of my lazy patterns by using some new custom preset folders as a part of my nightly generative gallery show experiments. Lazyness being a problem for all of us i think in many ways. It's easy to stick with old patterns that work, rather than putting the effort into trying something new.

So this image was grabbed from the output stream of a mutate current factory preset folder. That factory preset category folder contained a set of new MSG presets i put together recently based on some of the different Quilt pattern generators processors we've been working to add to MSG. Those self-stacking auto-quilt geometric patterns were auto-masked based on mutating 'surprise me' mask effects based on the current source image.

The source imagery was randomly chosen from a folder of Shutterstock images we recently purchased. And i was flipping around different custom favorites folders for the start and end cycle processing. The end cycle was using a set of custom finishing presets. Things like contrast boost and auto-sharpening effects, usually multi-ocatve ones based on PASeqs. Not totally sure about the start cycle preset used for this specific image, but i think it was based on geometric transformations.

Like all of this recent post series of gallery show images, the actual image build up is a generative process that takes place over several different gallery show cycles. I really need to add auto mutation options to the start and end cycle processing. Although you can kind of get that now by using temporal generators if they are MSG presets. You choose uniform random as the TG for the parameters you want to self-mutate. So that's a cheater way to do it using existing features. Like so many things in Studio Artist, there is usually already a way to do if you  think about it a little bit, and are willing to put the time into make it happen. Put the time in means doing the TG modulation editing to the MSG processor parameters in this particular case.

Note to Self: Maybe we should have an automatic meta edit to do that kind of manual editing i described above as well (turn on TG modulation in all of the parameters in a MSG preset with a single command). Would have made setting this whole thing up way quicker.

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