Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thai Boxer

He's fighting it out in the Matrix. Or maybe that Thai boxing gym in the alley off of Folsom street in San Francisco, where i used to hunt down a parking spot to get to our old Synthetik Office. Because hunting parking spots in Soma in San Francisco back then was like being in Africa hunting down an exotic game animal. You had to keep your eyes open, be constantly on the move, and grab the first one you saw quickly, before someone else took it.

Another image stream grab from my nightly gallery show experiments. I've stopped using the auto-masking features until i beef them up. Reminder to self, please do that soon. They are super cool, but i was wearing the existing ones out. Time for some new ones to play with. So get to it self, get those new features in there to play with. Using a randomizing vectorizer technique with this particular gallery show run.

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