Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hanapepe Town

As promised, time to ease up on the horror for a little bit. So let us travel to a magical place. Where many magical art galleries lie along a road in a small dusty town that seems to straddle some rift in the space time continuum. On the island of Kauai. Yes, we're going to visit Hanapepe town.

As usual, my twisted eye seemed to be pulled towards something in Hanapepe that wasn't really an art gallery. Although the art on the front of the building is actually kind of eye catching. And this is really a straight street, Hapapepe main street in some sense, but because there is a rift in the space time continuum there, it actually curves the rays of light when you try to take a picture of it. Because of the rift, bending space, bending time, bending light, bending your mind. Welcome to a little tour of Hanapepe town, art town central on the island of Kauai, which we will continue exploring in the days ahead.

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