Friday, September 12, 2014

Goodbye Hanalei

One more spin around the dock to say goodbye to Hanalei. Where apparently Puff the Magic Dragon and Little Jackie Paper live. I searched for their house. I didn't find it, but i did find some drunk guy changing the oil in his truck in the beautiful beach park parking lot. And what better place to change your truck's oil, i thought to myself. Than on the most beautiful beach on the entire island. Note to self, whenever i'm on the island of Kauai, always make a point of changing the oil in my rental car in the parking lot at Hanalei beach. Not this one, the one way down at the other end of the beach. Ah, Hawaii at it's finest, i thought to myself, as i watched this guy change his oil on that beautiful beach.

And what a magnificent beach it is, over 2 miles long. Wide, wide, wide, like a beach should be. Like every beach in Hawaii would be if the idiots in charge hadn't built roads literally right next to them, or allowed evil developers to build houses right at the bleeding edge of the water. But not in Hanalei for some magical reason. The magic of the camera i used that never lies to take this photo makes this shot of Hanalei seem like it's a little tiny island surrounded on all sides by water. And it is a precious gem stone, a thing of beauty in a crazy world. So maybe it really does look like this.

Slit scans are so much more fun than normal perfectly stitched panorama photos. Dare i say more artistic. You can mess with space and time in all kinds of different ways by working with slit scan effects. I actually used the Studio Artist Temporal Scan Tracker for all of these recent Kauai posts, but they are dialed in to be like more conventional slit scans. But of course nothing is conventional in Studio Artist, so all kinds of magic stuff having to do with how the images are supersize interpolated and magical aperture remapping are going on behind the scenes when you run those Studio Artist Temporal ip op effects to process your video pan footage. Any idiot can write a 1 pixel slit scan effect, but our scan tracker temporal effects have magical aperture remapping going on inside of them, so you can dial in much higher resolutions than you would get with the simple any idiot can do it 1 pixel slit scan approaches.

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