Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Head is Spinning

My head is spinning round and round. Taking in the green lush beauty of Kauai's north shore after my visit to magical Hanapepe in dry and dusty south Kauai. If you've been following this last week's posts you're going to get a sense of the brain shock you get as you travel from one side of Kauai to the other. Like all of my vacation photographs, this is exactly what i saw as my head was spinning on the dock in Hanalei. The camera doesn't lie. And neither do my video pan slit scan experiments. I'm even listening to ThisQuiteArmy on Guitar Moderne as i type this, which is making my head spin round and round even more. My world had been transformed by a relatively short car ride in our Alamo rental car.

I had traveled from a rift in space and time in the land of the lost to a beautiful beach. One i would never find in Poipu or Hanapepe, no matter how hard i looked for it. Unlike most of the beaches in Hawaii, they didn't screw up Hanalei beach by building the houses too close to the ocean, or putting a road right on the beach. Maybe they will keep it unscrewed up for all time, which basically means until global warming washes it away in a few decades, as well as the actual town itself. Enjoy it while you can.

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