Monday, September 15, 2014

Circus Animal 2

Why do those crazy circus animals keep staring at you. Like they want to eat you for dinner. This circus apparently has the wildest animals of them all locked away in it. Staring at you with those crazy hungry eyes.

More meditations on life as perceived by by self autonomous friend gallery show. Randomly mutating presets and then auto-masking them. Building up imagery with a generative process over time. Dumping all of its cycles out into an open image stream, which i puzzle through later, grabbing good ones to post here. He (she, it) was obviously influenced by the 10 part mini-series remake of From Dusk to Dawn that we were watching while this image was made last night. Self autonomous artificial visual creativity at work. I was cheering GS on, because GS was on a serious roll last night, while also rooting for Richie to make it out of that underground dungeon he was dragged into. Will Richie escape, or is it already too late? This guy posted above apparently knows the answer, but he's not talking. He looks like an extra from the series.

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