Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hanapepe Street View

Here's a series of experiments all derived from a 360 degree video pan taken outside of the Amy-Lauren Art Gallery at rush hour in the bustling art metropolis of Hanapepe on the island of Kauai. I used the Temporal Scan Tracker to generate full slit scan panorama from the 360 degree video pan. I then tried a few different experiments with that slit scan as a new source image.

Now these street views may seem exaggerated to you, but this is exactly what i saw when i stepped out of our Alamo rental car in bustling downtown Hanapepe.

I would also highly suggest stopping in to check out Amy-Lauren's Gallery. They have a great selection of diverse original artwork by different Kauai artists to check out there. And are nice friendly folks as well. They even let me take a panorama video shot inside their gallery, so they deserve special bonus points for that. And i will use it to make a wonderful image to post here at some point. And i will plug them again when i do, because i really liked their art gallery.

This last image below is how i imagined Hanapepe might look in my dreams. As opposed to the 2 images above that are totally representative of how it actually looked to me while i was standing there.

Again, this is a straight road, Hanapepe's main street. Where all of the various art galleries are located. But the rift in space and time located somewhere in Hanapepe distorts the rays of light coming into your camera, causing the road to bend in the photos above. We thought the rift in time and space might be near the famous swinging bridge. If only we could find it. More developments on that in future posts.

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