Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hanapepe Ice Cream Shop

My quick and dirty salute to James Hoyle. Who was one of the first artists to call Hanepepe home in the 70's. I was working off of a photo of what appears to be an old abandoned ice cream shop i took on the main drag through town there. So like many Hawaiian tourist paintings, this is way more colorful than the real deal, which was pretty old and beat.

I'll try to dial it in and post something better later. James is way better with the coloring in his paintings than this crude tribute attempt i knocked off in about 2 minutes by quickly building a 4 step PASeq in Studio Artist. He uses an impressionist mix of colors in specific regions as opposed to just the maximum saturation coloring i selected. So you'd want to use one of our opponent mixture coloring options. And you'd want way better shaping on the paint strokes as opposed to the tube paint i'm using.

He also paints in the individual strokes initially with flat paint, and then overpaints with a smaller interior raised oil stroke. So you could use something that initially lays down a flat vector paint fill and then a raster raised oil stroke on top. Using path start repeat modulation to do it. Or generate the bezier paths for the paint strokes and do it from that using multiple passes.

And of course you don't want the paint strokes to cross or run into each other. I used clever programing of the blanking buffer to pull that off. You want something that's kind of like a wood cut or Australian Aboriginal kind of thing, but with brightly colored impressionist paint strokes as opposed to just colored dots like you see in Aboriginal artwork. He has a very cool individual style to his work, so my crude attempt to knock off something here is in tribute to his superior talent as an artist. My hat is off to you sir. Take the trip to Hanepepe and check out his artwork for yourself up close at the Amy-Lauren Gallery. They also have some of his work in the galleries in Poipu, but Hanapepe is way more fun to visit than Poipu.

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