Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to Happy Island Music

Welcome to the Happy Island Music blog. Happy Island Music is actually the name of WMF's label. However, most of the posts here will be personal artwork as opposed to music posts. I post artwork to a variety of different places, so this will be a repository for stuff that doesn't get posted to the main studio artist user forum at

My name is John Dalton and in addition to playing bass in the Honolulu band WMF i'm also the creator of the award winning graphics program Studio Artist. So as you might guess, the artwork posted here was created in Studio Artist or it's companion program MSG Evolver. Studio Artist is distributed by Synthetik Software, the main Synthetik web site is Studio Artist news is posted at All of my various blog and artwork posts are aggregated at, so that's a good place to RSS or check out on a regular basis if you want to get a single feed for everything i'm up to.

In a previous life i was one of the founders of the San Francisco digital audio company OSC, which created the first multi track audio and midi software for the mac called Deck, as well as the original ProTools and Avid audio engines.

For more on the band WMF you can check out

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