Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Masters of the Universe 3

Combination of some new vector sketch stuff on top of a paint synthesizer photo mosaic derived from using the vectorizer as the shape generator. The colorization comes from some new v4 image processing brush load settings.

I think the amazing power of Studio Artist really comes into play when you start combining together the different functional operation modes. V4 really lets them integrate much more with each other, like using the vectorizer to drive paint synth regionization for instance. And i'm using image processing brush load, but i don't think i've ever scratched the surface of what you could do with MSG brush loads when processing photo mosaics in the paint synthesizer, an exercise left for the view for the moment i guess until i get around to exploring it.

The image is from more shots of A G on the hot seat, as he well should be these days.

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