Friday, March 6, 2009

Chinatown Mini Store Adventure

Original digital photo was of some Mini Store in Honolulu Chinatown taken out the car window. A drug deal proceeded to go down before our eyes about 10 seconds after i took the picture so we drove off in a hurry as my wife yelled at me to put the camera away before they pulled out a gun and shot us (not that i would expect that to happen in Hawaii).

The processing is a combination of several different Studio Artist treatments. You can generate variable transparency in the vectorizer now with different random seeds for each repetition, so i used 10 repetitions to build the initial image. That was then edge layer composited with the original edge enhanced photo. I used Smooth to cut down on some of the digital noise in the original photo before the edge enhancement.

I also realized that using multiple versions of the same image in the layer composite stack can be a useful thing. By adding a second identical layer of the vectorizor output min composited after the edge composited original image i as able to beef up some light areas that were introduced by the edge compositing. I used the 5 repetitions of the Sphere Multiply ip op with different random parameters to pull the edges of the photo darker. Followed by the image compressor for a final boost.

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