Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dog Eyed View

I'm always curious what the classic Hawaiian dog in the back of the truck experiences. I think this image is a good approximation.


Anonymous said...

dogs are color blind

John Dalton said...

I was thinking more of the sensation of movement the dog experiences, but you do have a point about color.

However, a quick google search did point out the following information about dog's color vision:

"Dogs were thought to be dichromats and thus, by human standards, color blind. New research is now being explored that suggests that dogs may actually see some color, but not to the extent that humans do. It has also been suggested that dogs see in varieties of purple/violet and yellow shades. Because the lenses of dogs' eyes are flatter than humans', they cannot see as much detail; on the other hand, their eyes are more sensitive to light and motion than humans' eyes. Some breeds, particularly the best sighthounds, have a field of vision up to 270° (compared to 180° for humans), although broad-headed breeds with their eyes set forward have a much narrower field of vision, as low as 180°."