Sunday, September 25, 2011

Large Frame Size Movie Brushes

I've been running some experiments recently with large frame size movie brushes for use in generated photo mosaics with Studio Artist 4. By large i mean over 10,000 frames.

I was told that you could not do it with problems, but that is incorrect. It works fine, you just need to make sure you use Disk Load rather than PreLoad for the MB Load Status control in the Brush Source control panel of the paint synthesizer. If you use PreLoad you are going to run out of memory. But that's not an issue for DiskLoad, and is the whole reason why that option is there.

You want to make sure you switch to DiskLoad before loading in the large frame count movie brush.

This was supposed to be a graffiti movie brush, but a photo of my wife's relatives snuck in there somehow and is very prominent in the dark hair regions, kind of funny.

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