Thursday, December 29, 2011

Space Filling Curve Regionization Rendition

This started with a new space filling curve sketch effect. That was then used to build colored regions via the Flat Color Regionize image operation effect in Studio Artist 4. The space filling curve is generated by solving the traveling salesman problem for the curve inflection points.


Saša S said...

will it be possible to do vector ouput out of this?

John Dalton said...

You could implement this effect to generate vector output. You'd have to do it a little differently than i did. I used the Flat Color Regionize image operation effect, which is a raster effect, as a part of the process used to generate it. So, you'd have to use the vectorizer instead, with the flat color input technique option for that part of the process.

Or i guess you could try just using that on the final output to vectorize it for vector file output. The triangles might get a little wavy if you did it that way.

The Vectorizer for the next Studio Artist release has new features that let you directly generate 'triangle' style renditions, so those new effects might give you what you want directly.

I'll take your suggestion to heart and think about other ways to build some vector output effects from space filling curve sketches.