Friday, February 10, 2012

TSP Rendition

Adding a few new feature options to one of the MSG processors that is a traveling salesman problem solver.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell a bit more on this TSP solver option ?

John Dalton said...

There are some MSG processors that work by solving the traveling salesman problem (basically taking a bunch of points and solving a minimal distance mapping for them). You can generate vector paths or shape based on the minimal distance path generated by connecting the points.

Here's an old post from the studio artist daily effects blog that covers an example of how to build an effect that uses this kind of MSG processor ( 1CAbstract6 )

I've been added some different variations of this processor to the development code to make this kind of effect easier to generate. So the image above was generated with one of the new versions that builds a color image directly from a single processor.

John Dalton said...

Here are some other TSP solver generated images i've posted in the past here