Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Auto-randomized dynamic brush experiments using some of the new paint synthesizer features.


Anonymous said...

If you can Save All the parameters of Studio Artist in the tag of renderd and save jpg image, again When others load one of the samples that have these data in tags and SA asks for importing and he/she can regenerate the result only from an image.
Please think to this IDEA.

John Dalton said...

We have thought about possibly coming up with a way to tag an effected image with embedded Studio Artist preset information as some kind of meta tag.

It could be useful for recreating some kinds of effects. But not necessarily something like this particular image, which as generated during self-mutating galley show cycles and involves some generative image build up over several cycles of processing of different source images. So it's not just a single effect applied to a single image.

But your suggestion is a good one for us to think about for the future.