Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goodbye Suckers

Posted a little late but generated in the heat of the recent political changeover. Used the new text brush option in Studio Artist 4 paint synthesizer.


Anonymous said...

Goodbye...UKFC!RSE...for sure.

Intended or not, it's fascinating that in the portrait you are able to visualize either of the three "axis of evil" players individually, or the entire triumvirate at the same time.

Thanks for the image; it made my day. Nice paint effect, also.

That aside, a couple of questions:

How is the SA4 text brush different than before?How many chars at once will the new text brush handle as input? And does the routine iterate through the string randomly, yet completely, before repeating? Curious minds want to know. :)

John Dalton said...

There's a new anti-alias brush type in v4. One of the options in there for the type of anti-alias brush used for drawing is a text option. When you use this with the normal text source brush then the text is rendered directly to the canvas as anti-alias vector drawing, as opposed to the old way which is still an option where the text is rendered into the brush buffer and then run through the normal studio artist graphics rendering chain. V4 has a number of new ways to draw with anti-aliased vector graphics, so this is just showing off one new feature.