Wednesday, October 13, 2010

StackFilter Faces 3

Another example of stack filtering a set of facial images. This time i used a spatially normalized stack of facial images. What this means is that they were all inverse warped to a standard facial position. You can do this using an inverse warp context action step in Studio Artist 4. A movie file is built where each frame consists of one of the spatially normalized facial images. So the frames of the movie file can be thought of as the stack of images being filtered.

I then used a generative process encoded in a Studio Artist paint action sequence (PASeq) to build the effect. Each rectangle is painted from a single source image. The PASeq processed the entire stack of images to build up the final stack filtered composite image.

So, it's an example of a different approach to stack filtering that doesn't involve temporal image processing. Instead, you just build some kind of processing effect that builds up over multiple frames. A simple paint effect in this particular case.

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