Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Mosaic Layout Musings

I love this kind of energetic intelligently abstract photo mosaic layout approach for my own approach to this kind of effect.

Of course, i seem to find myself at odds with many Studio Artist users, who much prefer this kind of regular organized grid layout approach and lust after it endlessly so they can emulate existing effects they see generated by certain famous StudioArtist users that they have popularized in their high profile commercial work.
But then i like Francis Bacon paintings, so what kind i say.

I guess there is a kind of internal harmony to sub-nested tiling layouts that is appealing to the eye. And it is effective for making a more recognizable representation of an image if you're going for that kind of thing. Maybe that's why people tend to gravitate towards wanting to go for this kind of tiling effect (as opposed to the more crazy abstraction looks i'm attracted to)?

Sometimes i wish people would be more open to more experimentation for generating photo mosaic effects as opposed to re-hashing regular grid layouts. Or to use the many editable parameters available to them to create their own unique visual styling as opposed to just focusing on copying certain artwork styles popularized by other Studio Artist users (like those photo mosaic layouts based on regular sub nested grid structures).

The people who get famous for a particular style do so by pursuing their own personal vision. Not by using a pre-built effect. At least not usually, there's probably a few people that grab a factory preset and then grind it into the ground as their own vision and are successful at it. More power to them it that works for them.

And then i guess there's the commercial pressure of being asked to recreate an effect after it becomes popular. So the art director hiring you for the job doesn't want something original, they want a knock off of the existing effect they saw somewhere else.

But to each their own. At least you have the choice in Studio Artist to create your own personal vision for whatever artwork styling you are pursuing if you wish to. Or to copy the flavor of the week if that's your personal choice. Or to live off of factory presets until the end of time, since we certainly provide you enough endless variety of them (with more on the way all the time) to do so if you wish to.

Indeed, that's the whole point of the endless variety of different editable parameter choices made available to you in all Studio Artist effects. Our whole design philosophy is, if there are 2 different ways of doing something and they both look different, we let you choose both of them, since only you can decide which one makes the most sense and is the most interesting for your personal artistic vision. Because the whole point about art is that it's supposed to be personal, not a generic commodity.

As opposed to 'design by committee' development philosophies that choose that one generic editable parameter least likely to offend anyone. Or the 'make it simple for idiots end of story' philosophy, which has it's point and value i'll admit (in terms of ease of use yes, but certainly not in the ability to create an endless variety of different and interesting and unique effect styles), championed by certain companies that shall remain nameless.

But thank god we live in a universe where we still have choices. At least for awhile.

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