Monday, April 16, 2012

More Vodka Comrade 2

Another take on generating new art from a folder of old soviet anti-drinking posters. See yesterday's post for the explanation on how i got onto this particular mental train track.

Today's image is based on probably 3 different random poster images selected and processed by Studio Artist's Gallery Show feature. I was running a random vectorizer technqiue. With auto-masking (surprise me) turned on. I'm also using a start cycle process based on a favorites category that is filled with wet water wash paint presets.

So this is an example of generating artwork in a somewhat random manor (but still with constraints). Gallery Show is choosing random source images, and generated random mutations of vectorizer presets, and random mutations of auto-masking effects (so that i get partial coverage for the various vectorizer passes associated with a gallery show cycle). And of course it's a 2 step processing cycle, because the previous canvas is water-washed with a randomly selected paint preset, then the random vectorizer mutation is applied (auto-masked to be a partial overlay). And the cycle continues. You run it until you like the way the canvas looks, then stop the gallery show run, save the canvas, and then let it continue.

You could of course let it run un-attended, and use an open image stream to output the results of the various gallery show cycles, then run through them at a later time to pick your favorites. With any process like this, there are a lot of bad or just not really interesting images, and then something amazing happens, and you get a keeper.

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