Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reflections on Easter, and the Paths we Choose as a Nation

A reflection on easter, and the paths we choose as a nation, and where they lead us.

I used an image folder brush based on what i would consider american war crime imagery to build the photo collage. I think there's some relevance to last monday's supreme court decision, which is really what got me thinking about all of this, since it in some sense legitimizes bad behavior abroad as potential common practice domestically when it's abused (as it undoubtably will be).

There is this other disturbing thing i read recently that was playing in the back of my mind as i angrily tossed this piece together in a fit of passion. I'm usually a little more subtle in my pointed commentary imagery, but sometimes you just need to let loose with what you're really feeling and get it out there in the open. I guess my Easter reflections were not happy thoughts.

More happy carefree abstract MSG imagery coming your way here tomorrow.

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