Monday, April 27, 2009

Biological Abstractions

All of the images in this series seemed very organic and biological in origin to me. They're all procedural images created by directed evolution of MSG processors in Studio Artist 4.

These were generated using a MSG I/O routing design i would have technically considered to be incorrect. There is no initial generator setting up the red channel, so it's using the last canvas output red channel instead. So every time you run the MSG preset you get a somewhat different image based on the last output.

After thinking about this a little i decided it's really no different than using a configuration where red source channel with the MSG IP Source set to use the canvas, and then basing the red stream processing off of that in the processor chain editor. But this did make me realize that in v4 you can actually use different 2 inputs to a MSG preset, since you can set up the MSG IP Source to use the source image and then pass through the current canvas image using the output I/O channels. In previous versions of Studio Artist the initial conditions of the RGB output streams could have been indeterminate if not initially set to something in the preset's processor chain, but in v4 they are initialized to the existing canvas color channels.

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