Saturday, April 11, 2009

WMF 'Train to Nowhere"

The latest WMF cd 'Train to Nowhere' is now available for online listening or download at Quite a bit of the extensive WMF back catalog is also available there to check out. So please do.

Keep in mind that all WMF tracks are recorded live from unrehearsed spontaneous jam sessions with no additional overdubbing of any kind. What you hear was what was being played live, no additional recording to add parts or sound density after the fact. We make extensive use of live looping to build sound density, so if it starts to sound like more than 3 people that's all being done live using live looping. We do use vertical slice editing to cut down a 45 minute jam into a 5 minute edited song for a cd release. Vertical slice means that all of the tracks associated with the recorded jam are cut and kept together for the edit. So the guitar solo might go on for 5 minutes and you might only hear the best 15 seconds in the edited song.

There's also a pretty extensive backlog of recorded material that needs to be edited down into finished tracks for new releases, so once i get Studio Artist 4 out the door hopefully some spare time will free up to get that material out.

I use Studio Artist's Supersizer interpolator quite a bit on the WMF cover art, it's a life saver since it can take ridiculously small source images and blow them up to 600 dpi cover art sizes.

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