Monday, August 30, 2010

Kahului, Venice of the Pacific 3

Another photo taken in the heart of the Venice of the Pacific.

When i look at vistas like this, i often imagine what a place like Kahului could have been with a little aesthetic forethought and planning. I mean here you have this little town next to the ocean on a beautiful island. With apparently a series of canals and waterways embedded within it.

Imagine a place filled with bike paths and picturesque walkways, and outdoor dining establishments located along the scenic canals. Thoughtfully planned housing interspersed with business establishments. The sea breeze blowing in as people lived out their lives in this picturesque and thoughtfully designed living place. The Kahului that could have been would have been a remarkable place.

The real Kahului is still remarkable, just in slightly different ways. Anyway, my journey on foot through the Venice of the Pacific continues, and i can dream of what might have been.

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