Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puunene and it's Sacred Energy

Hawaii is often considered by many people a place containing various locations of sacred energy. Special locations invested with some form of mystical or special power. Haleakala being the most commonly assumed one on the island of Maui. But many seekers of scared places forget the scenic gem of the pacific, Puunene. No matter where your journey on Maui takes you, the vision of Puunene in all it's stunning glory will often be in view during your journey to just about anywhere on the island.

Recently the mystic Braco visited Maui for a series of sacred gazing events at Studio Maui in Haiku. Perhaps best described by this informative article in the local Maui Time newspaper. However, we were able to capture this stunning image of Braco's secret visit to the sacred healing energy of Puunene, as witnessed in this photograph that captures the mystical power of this secret gazing event in all it's glory.

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