Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mysteries of Puunene

I'm still trying to figure out Puunene. If you are one of those believers of mystical power spots there's no denying Puunene is one, you can't help noticing it's 'power'. Now what that 'power' might actually be is a whole other story. But there's no denying it grabs your attention. Here's another view taken while driving the secret shortcut road through the heart of Puunene.

I tried some online searching to get a better handle on Puunene but it still remains a mystery to me. One frightening statistic that popped up was that the ratio of residents to sex offenders in Puunene was 13 to 1. Wow, that seemed outragous to me. One in 13 people living in Puunene was a sex offender? To look at this in context, the ratio for Honolulu is 1262 to 1. Of course then i noticed that only 13 people actually lived in Puunene (this is based on 2007 city-data online statistics). Wow, and they get their own post office.

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