Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Day in the Park

Trying out some really interesting new gallery show features. I'm using the new procedural MSG source option along with a mutate factor paint gallery show technique. So each source image that gallery show paints using mutated paint presets is live generated using a randomly mutated MSG preset. As opposed to working with a folder of images.

Some people apparently have issues with what they perceive to be the karaoke aspect of repainting a source image. But this is an example of a completely generative process for generating a digital painting, where both the 'source' being painted as well as the 'paint technique' are both being derived generatively in real time during a gallery show cycle.

As i often do, i don't turn on any settings that erase the previous gallery show canvas, so you can get interesting build up effects that occur over the course of several different gallery show cycles.

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