Sunday, June 1, 2014

Analyzing Structure

Running through some early tests of some of the new structure analysis code and thought this one was interesting. That's a clever way of saying i was too busy V5 coding to be very visually productive today, so i posted something old for my daily post instead (ha,ha). Maybe i should add a 'lazy' tag for posts like this.

I also had an interesting discussion today with an unnamed customer about what is Art. Art with a capital A i guess as opposed to a small a. I think we have very different definitions about what that word means. Maybe it's too loaded a term is one conclusion i came to.

I guess that somewhat heated interaction sucked up some of my valuable time, but i never consider interactions with my customers to be a waste of my time. It's actually a valuable use of my limited time. That's why i go out of my way to be unusually accessible to them.

I always thought of this as my daily art blog. But i wonder whether he would agree with that terminology? Or in fact be highly offended i dared to use the a word when referring to this blog. And i'm even using the small a, not the big A when i refer to my daily blog.

Maybe i should call it my daily Studio Artist generated visual imagery blog instead?

I hope we figuratively kissed and made up at the end of our discussion. But i don't think we're ever going to agree about what that dangerous a word means, let along that even more dangerous capital A word. Such is the strange world we live in. I do hope we can all learn to respect and appreciate each other during our short time spent together living in it.

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