Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Structure Analysis Visits the Beach

It's been a crazy, somewhat stressful week. Apple's WWDC announced a bunch of new programming api's on monday i needed to learn more about quickly. As well as a new version of OSX for Mac coming out later this year. And some other not so interesting distractions came up as well. So i missed posting for a day or 2. But now it's time to move on past all of that and get back to my daily art posts.

So i thought it would be fun to take Structure Analysis to the beach for some R and R for today's post. Structure Analysis being the arcane terminology i use for some exciting new approaches we are developing for abstracting visual imagery in Studio Artist.

To me, perceptual abstraction is very tightly involved in what visual artistic expression is really all about. Structure Analysis is just one of the many new visual abstraction tools available in Studio Artist.

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