Friday, October 17, 2014

Clowning Around

Send in the clowns — please! Circus folk fear a national clown shortage is on the way. Too many people are apparently reading the news these days.
Clowns are becoming hard to find. You have to really look. Focus on the image. Focus on the details.
But gallery show is here to help. Searching for paint presets and then mutating them, bending them to its will. Clowning around in it's own way. And by golly it found a good one. In it's self-autonomous way. Using it's new dynamic brush constrained mutation features. In combination with some additional self-mutating water wash start cycle processing from a favorites folder. So while i may be lazy for using that water wash paint preset folder way too much, gallery show is helping me out by auto-mutating it on the fly each new GS cycle. 

Note to self. Maybe i should add preset search tag options to the start and end cycle options.

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