Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eye of the Beholder

Still trying to see the violin, as oppose to the machine gun. If you've been following the thought thread in the subsequent posts.

So this was generated automatically by gallery show, using a mutated favorites technique. The Favorites folder was filled with a sampling of different 'tube' paint presets. I also had the GS paint 'Draw Option' set to 'Rnd Dynamic Regionize', so then it takes any of the mutated paint presets it creates on the fly and further edits them by forcing them to be random path start regionization presets that also use the new Dynamic Brush option. Which is cool because you can do things that seem fairly intelligent in a single paint preset that would have required a lot of steps in a PASeq to do in the past. So it's a double mutation, the second mutate pass also narrowing it down to a specific kind of paint effect look (regionized dynamic brush).

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