Monday, October 13, 2014

Time for a Change

Let's break from recent tradition and post something that was not directly automatically generated using gallery show. Poor GS is tired from working so hard. And one of it's super cool features, the one that auto mutates paint presets to be the new dynamic brush regionizers, just didn't seem to be quite right. So poor GS needed to take some time off for surgery. And the operation was successful.

The issue with uniform random parameter mutation is that it assumes that the entire N-dimensional parameter space is equally interesting. Which is obviously not the case at all for something like the Paint Synthesizer. So you need to build intelligent heuristics into the mutation process for optimal results. And those actually had been put in there for the new dynamic brush regionize features, but there was a tiny code bug that was messing up one key part of it. Which explains why i was so mystified when i watched GS churn out these specific directed mutations prior to opening GS up for surgery. But i also expanded the heuristics while in there to give better fine-tuned results as well. So it's performing a lot more like i would expect it to now.

You can also use macro edit commands to speed up the editing process by not to think about all this coordinated parameter stuff while manually editing. Which is quite useful even for guys like me when it comes to setting up real specific kinds of paint presets that require a lot of coordinated parameter editing to be configured properly. We're trying to add more of that kind of thing. Because i like it quite a bit to be honest, and i think you will even more. And i'm always open to suggestions for more macro edit commands to add. So please feel free to pass them on to me. Another grossly under-utilized section of Studio Artist. Check it out.

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