Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's a Jungle Out There

It's a jungle out there some days. Dog eat dog, man eat man (well i hope not that). Microbe eat man, which can be a force of good as well as evil inside of us all as we learn so much more about our internal bacterial friends that live inside of us. And maybe there's something to reflect on there, that what appears on the surface to be our enemies might actually be our friends, helping us not just to digest our food, but to fight off infections from other not so friendly bacteria, to modify our mood, or weight. We're finding out all kinds of things about all of the stuff living inside of us. Maybe that stuff is as much a part of us as the cells in our body.

Gallery show wasn't really thinking about any of that. He (she,it) was busy auto-mutating random paint presets, actually turning them into mini generative paint action sequences on the fly using some new features we added to it recently. So this is another gallery show stream grab from these recent experiments, where you point it at a folder of really boring tube paint presets, and it creates finished portraits by auto-editing a boring paint preset on the fly, in essence building an automatic PASeq (so that you don't have to). And there's a lot more to do to improve these new features, but i think they are pretty cool, and point in some interesting new directions as we head into the Studio Artist future.

This guy looks like he has just come out of the Thunder Dome (2 walk in, 1 comes out). Although he did start out as a happy clown image. So my philosophical ramblings above came out of that fleeting thought as i grabbed this image for my daily post. Tomorrow we're headed into new fun areas, as we use Gallery Show to semi-autonomously explore alien invasions. Which also seems to relate to my many recent obsessions on bacteria here. Gallery show (and me apparently) are reading way too many news articles about various bacteria (both good and evil) recently.

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