Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dark Passage

A dark walk though dark times. More Gallery Show experimentation, which seems to be my modus operandi these days. If you watch it closely while it automatically does it's thing, you keep learning more about how to improve it. Plus, you can eat dinner at the same time. Which is quite hard to do with a physical paint brush.

It's interesting, because if i watched a normal human artist to learn from them, it could take days, weeks, years to watch them finish pieces. It could take me forever to learn anything working that way, by watching a real person work. But Gallery Show churns out several hundred finished pieces in a few hours. Are they all master pieces, no, of course not. But i can learn quite a bit really quickly by watching a semi-intelligent machine work.

And i sure do learn a lot in a short period of time working this way. And i learn from the mistakes as much or more than from the successful pieces it creates. So here we see a small example of what the singularity will be like in action, when it swings into full force. And why it will be an inflection point in human history. Because things will get a whole lot faster and more sophisticated really quickly.

I'm working with auto-masking and masking in general in a very interesting new way with these new experiments. Which you yourself will be able to play with once you get your hands on a copy of V5.

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