Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fractal Overlord

Taking a break from my run of gallery show posts for a day. I finally got around to adding support for variable color palette sizes, which is so useful. We always thad the fixed 48 color size only palette limitation before. But not anymore. Hurray.

The large size color palettes are really useful for color palette mapping of continuous tone images. But not always so useful for MSG. Especially if you are mapping a black and white image to a color one using a 1To3_PaletteMap processor. Having small palette sizes is really useful there. And now you can do it.

I guess i should point out that when building MSG presets you always had the option of using the 1To3_PaletteMap1 MSG processor, which does let you choose the # of colors you want to use from the larger fixed size color palette. But if you are using directed evolution, you could easily end up with presets based on the 1To3_PaletteMap processor and the large fixed color palettes. The new features let you specify an arbitrary sized color palette. So then, no matter what happens when working with directed evolution, you are working with a size limited color palette.

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