Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ad Man at the Jazz Club

This made me think of Don Draper sitting in a jazz club after a hard day drinking at the office. Once again, another gallery show run generative process image. I think i'll be breaking out of the gallery show ghetto i've been stuck in here soon, since there are some pressing hatching features that should be examined via custom programming in the current Studio Artist User Forum Challenge project.

So this particular image was generated using a new gallery show source preference that flips a coin between loading a new random source image from a specified folder, or loading the current last gallery show canvas image as the new source image. So it's somewhat generative, but can randomly reset itself as well.

Using the random vectorizer gallery show technique. And a favorites category filled with custom geometric transformation presets as the start cycle processing. Mutated auto-masking generated from the current source image was turned on to the Surprise Me setting. And random palette and source memories were turned on. Random compositing was not turned on.

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